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All the pharmaceuticals are produced using the indigenous medical system that benefitted human health in tremendous ways and the latest technologies are used in the production process. Products such as hair oils, face wash, face cream, inhalers, energy drinks, and tablet medicines are high quality, high standards natural products with no side effects and will be released to the international market

Aloe vera crop cultivation spreads up to acres of land which include nursery plantations, aloe vera production factories with all the facilities, production of pharmaceuticals, transportation, crop cultivation, area management, exportation, and many more which will create more than 320,000 new job opportunities as estimated for Sri Lankan people.

We develop together with our communities thus, the communities are involved in the development processes and most importantly identify and improve ethical, social, and cultural practices to develop interpersonal relationships and intrapersonal skills, among communities with the creation of new societies is also a part of our company. Ex – Thirasaraharitha Society

All the farmers and employees receive a high monthly income. Apart from that we are bound to provide them with free and beneficial insurance and health care facilities which may uplift the living standards of people and directly affect the development of the Sri Lankan economy.

Towards developed Sri Lanka, the expected annual exchange income of the project of $3200 million will definitively eradicate poverty and bring the shining rays of a developed economy to the country is our dream.

Using the Aloe vera plantation it is estimated to convert hundreds of thousands of unused barren lands into Agro as well as Eco-friendly farming lands. The company has already started by building up reservoirs in the Rajanganaya Yaya 18 region to provide water supply due to the dry weather conditions.

Apart from the plantation and production, one of our main aims of this project is to protect the environment with mechanisms such as forest conversation, reforestation, proper disposal of garbage, garbage management systems and reusing, protecting wildlife, especially wild elephants, building reservoirs to collect, store and distribute water to balance the ecosystems may lead to conserving our environment.

Building schools with suitable building facilities, libraries, sanitary facilities, sports as well as aesthetic facilities among school students is the foremost plan we have already started parallel to the plantation and the main concern is to build the necessary educational environment concerning the development of physical, mental and spiritual well being of the students of all communities.

City planning with developed infrastructure is a part of our Aloe vera plantation project. A city with a proper city management plan with welldeveloped healthcare facilities, availability of drinking water facilities to avoid CKD and cleanliness of the area with disposal management systems are also considered by the Aura Lanka Herbals (Pvt)Ltd relevant to the cultivation.

All the products are released to the international market under the name of ‘Made in Sri Lanka’ will spread the reputation of the country all over the world by us.

27 Years Of Experience In Herbal Products

Aura Lanka Is A Global Integrated Business Enterprise With 9 Business Groups That Operate Across Mineral Resources, Automotive & Mobility, Medicine Industry, Security Industry, And Urban Development.

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Aura Lanka Herbals (Pvt) Ltd Is One Of The Enterprises Of The Aura Lanka Group Of Companies. It Is The Sole And Largest Privately Owned Agro Project In Sri Lanka.

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