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27 Years Of Experience In Herbal Products

Aura Lanka Herbals (Pvt) Ltd is one of the enterprises of the Aura Lanka Group of companies. It is the sole and largest privately owned Agro project in Sri Lanka.

High-standard sustainable pharmaceutical products are produced using high-quality Aloe Vera plants with the integration of modern technology and Sri Lankan indigenous medicine to be released to the international market. Everyone around the world can experience the incredible products made proudly in Sri Lanka. This concept of Dr. Viranjith Thambugla paved the way to create a developed Sri Lanka with the emergence of thousands of new job opportunities by using 10000 acres of converted Eco as well as Agro friendly lands which used to be bare.


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Aloe Vera Plantation

The Aloe vera plantation program conducted by Aura Lanka Herbals (Pvt) Ltd is the largest privately-owned agro project in Sri Lanka. The main focus of this project is to find and identify the bare lands which cannot be cultivated due to a lack of water resources and make use of modern-day technology to convert those lands into agro-friendly lands. An ongoing project of 100000 acres of aloe vera plantation will be the most feasible answer for farmers in the North-Central province. As the project progresses, thousands of job opportunities will be available in the area and will be a much-needed answer to the lack of jobs.

Castor Cultivation – Aura Lanka Herbals

In 2024, recognizing the economic potential inherent in castor cultivation, Aura Lanka (Pvt) Ltd has embarked on a collaborative initiative aimed at uplifting both the Sri Lankan economy and the livelihoods of local farmers. With a strategic vision for sustainable growth, we have joined hands to cultivate castor alongside our esteemed Aloe Vera operations. This partnership symbolizes our commitment to harnessing the inherent value of castor farming as a catalyst for positive change, fostering prosperity for both individuals and the nation.

Revolutionize your farm with our high-yielding, technologically advanced seeds. Receive expert guidance for successful cultivation every step of the way

Boost your income with us. We purchase your products for a high value, including seeds for castor oil extraction and leaves for silk production.

For a prosperous and economically developed future, let's cultivate success and growth together

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Aura Lanka Herbals (Pvt) Ltd Is One Of The Enterprises Of The Aura Lanka Group Of Companies. It Is The Sole And Largest Privately Owned Agro Project In Sri Lanka.

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949/13 Udawatta Road, Thalangama North, Malabe

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