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About Us

About Us

Who We Are

We are Aura Lanka Herbals (Pvt) Ltd, which is one of the largest global integrated business enterprises with 9 business groups that operate across the world with mineral resources, entertainment industry, automotive & mobility, Medical industry, Security industry, and urban development.

It was founded by Dr. Viranjith Thambugala in 2018. Our main concern is the Aloe Vera plantation centered around the Northern Central province in Sri Lanka. As an indigenous medical doctor, Dr. Virajith Thambugala formed a concept of uplifting the economy of Sri Lanka using indigenous medicines through innovative productions from the Aloe Vera plants. We are expected to promote our traditional indigenous medicine and technics to the international market through Aloe Vera crop cultivation using a hundred thousand acres of bare lands which becomes Eco friendly with our project.

Our Vision

Provide high quality & best sustainable Aloe Vera pharmaceutical products to the international market in the creation of forthcoming developed Sri Lanka.

Our Mission

Turn 10000 acres of bare lands into Eco & Agro-friendly lands by combining indigenous medicine with modern science & technology to obtain a revival of agriculture.

Use of Sri Lankan precious indigenous Medical System

The system is well-known as “Hela Medical System”. Aura Lanka is a Company, using this very old treatment system & we are presently in the process of manufacturing many herbal products focusing on the international market.


Our Services Always Serve The Sri Lankan Nation

Aura Lanka Is A Global Integrated Business Enterprise With 9 Business Groups
That Operate Across Mineral Resources, Automotive & Mobility, Medicine Industry, Security Industry, And Urban Development.

Our Services

Our Founder – Dr Viranjith Thambugala

Dr. Thambugala was an indigenous medical doctor who practiced ‘Hela Wedakama’ which was passed through generations. He has shown miracles by healing lots of VIP/VVIP people in different countries, especially in the USA, South Arabia, and Japan. While treating patients and with his vast experiences he studied and became specialized in international Gem trading, importing, and exporting. He is a real ideologist, who then began and has expanded his businesses not only to several sectors but also to several countries.

In addition to being a globally recognized figure hailing from the extremely rural region of 'Yaya 18' in Rajanganaya, located in Anuradhapura, Dr. Thambugala is a man who is firmly rooted in his humble origins. He started Aura Lanka Herbals (Pvt) Ltd as a gift and giving back a hundredfold to his home region of Northern Central Province, Sri Lanka. He is a magnanimous philanthropist, contributing hugely to the well-being of his fellow villagers to elevate their community and end the vicious cycle of life that had lasted for generations in the region.

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Aura Lanka Herbals (Pvt) Ltd Is One Of The Enterprises Of The Aura Lanka Group Of Companies. It Is The Sole And Largest Privately Owned Agro Project In Sri Lanka.

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